Ad2 Reno’s work for the Reno Sparks Gospel Mission (RSGM) earned first place in public service club achievement at the 2008 AAF National Conference. The Mission provides addiction recovery, shelter, clothing thrift store, meals, and their CARE program (12-step recovery) has an 80 percent success rate. According to Ad2 Reno’s research, the general public thinks that RSGM is just a soup kitchen for the homeless in our area. Our goal was to get rid of the current negative image the Mission has in our community. We focused on the individual lives that the RSGM changes by providing the services they do, and highlighted real people going through the CARE program in all of our print material. Nametags were the theme of the campaign. Changing Lives Day was a day for the community to reach out, come together and change a life through acts of kindness. There was a live band, media coverage and a Wall of Change exhibit was constructed and placed in the plaza and the public posted names, messages and stories on the Wall of Change for months.