Join Ad2 Reno today. JUST DO IT because SOMETIMES YOU FEEL LIKE A NUT, SOMETIMES YOU DON’T, and we get that. Our team is like eating a big BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS before creating a brilliant SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! idea. We don’t THINK SMALL. And our teamwork is FINGER LICKIN’ GOOD. How much is an amazing resume builder? PRICELESS. When you join, you’ll be saying to yourself, “BECAUSE I’M WORTH IT.” We do have to warn you though, we drink a lot of caffeine…IT’S THE QUICKER PICKER-UPPER for innovative thinking. So NO MORE TEARS… we know you’re not a student any more, you’re a professional. And this is one club where you can HAVE IT YOUR WAY within the advertising commun­­­­ity. So BE ALL YOU CAN BE. Join other young professionals in Reno. It’s M’m! M’m! GOOD!

So how do I join?

To become a member of Ad2 Reno, you must be 32 years of age or younger and work or have an interest in marketing, advertising, website design, communications, public relations, graphic design and print or online media. Your membership fee allows us to provide you with a better club.

Membership dues are $65 annually and you can join now!

Ad2 membership will provide you with the opportunity to network with colleagues and sharpen your skills with our annual non-profit advertising campaign. As a member of Ad2 Reno, you will also automatically receive membership for AAF Reno, and a boatload of other benefits.